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Can we buy lumber building supplies with Bitcoin?

Novemeber 11, 2021 - 3 min read

In December, the Wall Street Journal reported on a company called RSI Inc. which is building its own blockchain-based supply chain, the first such effort to target the global supply chain.

In its announcement of the partnership, RSI said it aims to be the first blockchain-enabled company to provide all-in-one solutions for the supply chain for lumber, building materials and timber. But in a move that would not go unnoticed by the global lumber industry, RSE’s partnership with a private company called Joplin Building Materials Inc. is set to expand to include other commodities as well.RSE said in a press release today that it is now working with JOPLIN to launch its own online marketplace for the timber industry, a first for any blockchain-powered supply chain provider.

The partnership will allow JOPLINE to offer the lumber supply chain in a centralized location, with a central hub, that will enable customers to order from JOP LINK, the JOPINX platform, and from the platform of the Joplins’ partner, JopLIN.

The RSE-JOPLIN partnership will be a central location for all products and services from JopLin, including products, materials, and services for lumber production, the RSE said.

The company said it has partnered with a leading company in the supply chains industry, which is one of the key elements of its strategy.

In order to provide its own supply chain solution, JOPlin is developing a blockchain-to-blockchain trading platform.

The platform will be used to manage the logistics and supply chain of the lumber and building materials markets, according to the press release. It will be able to provide both a direct and a secure platform to customers.

The lumber industry is currently relying on a centralized system to sell timber products to buyers and sellers.

It’s a complex and costly process that involves multiple layers of intermediaries and banks that are all connected to the supply side.

JOPINGL’s solution will eliminate the middleman and provide a direct, secure, and secure platform for all of these buyers and sellers.ROPLIN will also use its platform to facilitate the delivery of lumber products to customers who need it.

It plans to launch a marketplace where consumers can shop, place bids and buy products on behalf of their friends, family, and co-workers.

In November, it announcd a partnership with Chinese financial technology firm Jibe Group to create a new global trading platform called GNTEX.

That will provide the services for the logistics of the global timber supply chain and also offer a blockchain platform for financial markets.

In March, the company said that it had secured $3.3 million in funding led by Jibe Capital, a private equity firm. The RSE announcement also confirmed a deal with a company known for building online retail websites, and with a major U.S. online retailer, Amazon, for its online catalog, the Times of London reported.

The deal is expected to bring online shopping to more than 1 million customers in the U.K., with RSE also looking to sell some products from its new catalog to consumers in China and elsewhere in the world.

RSE and Amazon are in discussions to bring Amazon’s online catalog to the U., according to Reuters.

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