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How to Prepare for a Home Remodeling Project

Tackle your next reno project with the help of this easy checklist to keep you on task.

Whether you're a first time homeowner or looking to upgrade your existing abode, renovating your living space can be an exciting and sometimes daunting endeavor. When taking on a large project, getting organized before breaking ground helps keep you stress-free. Our editors have compiled a quick list that will help you stay on task and prepared for anything.

  • Make a list. Decide exactly what you want to change, whether it's creating additional rooms, eliminating walls for an open layout, or installing new appliances. Write down your wants and needs to help you determine what projects should be prioritized. Also, start seeking out inspiration. This allows you to effectively communicate what you want for a finished look to your contractor and/or designer.​

  • Set a budget. After you've come up with a renovation concept, establish an overall budget. There are bound to be unexpected expenses so give yourself a little wiggle room (at least 10 percent). Additionally, a budget can help you decide which projects to save on and tackle yourself and which ones are best to hand off to your contractor.

  • When calculating your budget, consider long-term maintenance and repair expenses. Sometimes more expensive materials are worth the extra upfront cost to make sure they last over time.

  • Create a timeline. Map out your renovation from start to finish to help you stay on track. Include all projects, no matter how big or small, in your timeline. Also take seasonality into consideration, roofing work should be done during warm weather months to prevent any delays caused by harsh winter weather.

  • Hire a contractor. A professional and experienced contractor can help you complete your plans in a more timely and efficient manner, than if you were to try to do everything yourself. They manage the overall home renovation, from watching the timeline to maintaining the budget. The best part? They take a lot of stress off your shoulders. Hiring a contractor can be a process on its own. Don't worry; we break down the steps to help you choose the right one. To get started, read How to Hire a Contractor.

Project management. With your contractor, determine what projects should be completed first. If multiple rooms are getting the same update (painting, replacing doors, installing floors), it's recommended to do it all at once. However, if you're remodeling a common area, like a kitchen or bathroom, it's better to just work on that room so once done it's ready for immediate use. ​

  • Do it yourself. If you have a tight budget, find out which small projects you can do yourself: painting a bathroom, installing light fixtures, tiling a backsplash. (YouTube tutorials can help you learn the basics.) For difficult jobs, like roofing or tearing down walls, more often than not hiring a contractor is your best bet.

For a free consultation, contact us directly before starting your next Home Improvement Project.

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